Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Toro y Moi

My friend B.K. told me about Toro y Moi a few weeks ago. Toro y Moi is the side project of Chaz Bundick, the front man for Columbia, SC-based band, The Heist and the Accomplice. I listened to a couple of tracks on the myspace page and was instantly hooked. So I e-mailed Chaz and he sent me 19 tracks of his material. Holy moly! It's really good stuff, definitely with some Animal Collective tendencies--there's a multitude of sonic elements present--but much easier to digest. Bundick lists influences ranging from the aforementioned clan to Devendra Banhart to David Bazan. But in all honesty, Toro y Moi is just Toro y Moi. Bundick's plaintive vocals are beautifully layered over an intriguing blend of kaleidoscopic folk and rock to create original, well written songs. To think that he does it all himself makes it that much better. Here's to hoping that Chaz releases an album soon.

Check it out for yourself!

I am working on arranging an interview with Chaz, so look for that in the near future!


sam said...

Yeah man I checked him out. Holy Freaking Crapola. So good. Seriously...Why isn't this guy signed?

el tigre said...

hall and oates at times. just well thought out grooves and melodies.

it's like he's just tapping into something that always existed. dropping into a wave that others rode before him.... he's just more laid back and has a smooth style.