Friday, March 6, 2009

Steve Earle: Townes

Steve Earle is releasing an album of Townes Van Zandt covers. Townes, 15 songs Earle "cherry picked [from] the career of one of the best songwriters that ever lived," will be released on May 12th by everyone's favorite Americana label, New West Records

Earle and Van Zandt were introduced in 1972, when the latter heckled the young singer-songwriter at one of his shows. That meeting blossomed into a friendship which led Earle to name his son, Justin Townes Earle, after the the hard-living songwriter. 

Earle is no stranger to covers, and Van Zandt has certainly been covered before.

Captain Obvious has a cut of Earle honoring Nirvana's "Breed", as well as a cover of Van Zandt's "I'll Be Here in the Morning" by Bill Baird

Also, you can stream Earle's cover of "Lungs" at P4K. Tom Morello contributes guitar to the track. From the sounds of the first one, Earle is certainly going to do his old buddy justice. 

Banshee Beatdown

I'm super excited right now. For one, I just bought a plane ticket to Austin for SXSW. Doesn't seem like that big of a deal to most of y'all, but I've never been before, so there.

But the main reason I'm amped is that all of my buds are coming into Chapel Hill this weekend for the Duke game. We're talking from NYC, London, New Zealand, Charleston(?). Should be quite the debauchery if all goes as planned. Hopefully the outcome will be similar to that above.

So, a song that has been known to make me all tingly on my insides is certainly in order for today. That cut is "Banshee Beat", from Animal Collective's art folk masterpiece, Feels

Every time I hear this song, the hair stands up on my arm. I've found that a lot of people feel the same way, and it's obviously not hard to see why.

Here's the original version from Pretty Goes with Pretty

Here's the chilled out version from the band's set at Grand Ballroom.

Got me again.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Maybe I'm the Worst

Well, I see that my promises for a blogged down '09 don't hold water. 

Regardless, here's a bone for all you voracious readers .

Pitchfork just gave Brooklyn-based The Pains of Being Pure at Heart Best New Music today. Funny, I downloaded that record yesterday on Emusic and really liked it. (I really have such amazing taste. It's not even slightly laughable.) It's really not a surprise considering POBPAH has been getting more press than the recession lately.

In all seriousness, you should definitely check this album. If you like really catchy pop songs bathed in shoegazy guitars, you'll love this. Better yet, if you like really catchy pop songs, you'll love this. 

Here is a nifty lo-fi job of their song, "Everything with You."

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Southern Shelter

Just a heads up that you should check out Southern Shelter. Sloan features some incredible live recordings, most recently a Phosphorescent performance and the Atlas Sound NYE show from the Drunken Unicorn

 Don't just stand there, go!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year

Greetings, y'all. I hope that everyone's New Year has gotten off on the good foot. Mine certainly has. Expect a lot more blogging from me this year. No school + free time=more blogging. In other words, don't be afraid to check Jay the Intern on a daily basis for minty musical goodness.

While we're on the subject, take a listen to Dent May. Dent & his Magnificent Ukulele hails from Taylor, Mississippi. With vocal stylings in the vain of Costello, Holly and Richman, and dreamy beachfront melodies--not to mention two awesome labels behind him; Paw Tracks (US) and Rough Trade (UK)--Dent May is poised to have a big 2009. Look for his debut, the Good Feeling Music of Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele, on February 2. According to the Dent's Myspace Blog, he recorded his debut with producer Rusty Santos (Sung Tongs, etc) "in [his] doublewide trailer in July." From what we're hearing, the album should be as hot as those steamy confines certainly were.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Quick Update: CORNDAWG

Please for the love of all that is holy go here and listen to Corndawg aka Johnny Fritz. Fritz is the man and draws influences from Waylon Jennings, Tom T. Hall, Kris Kristoffersen, etc. His songs are beyond bright and feature head-scratching lyrics that leave one to ask, "Why didn't I think of that?" It's the way pop country should sound.

Big props to American Songwriter for featuring his song, "Family Tree" on their new Craft of Music Compilation.

I might be gushing, but artists like Corndawg that remind you why you love music.

Fritz also recorded songs for the new AS Sessions blog. Check that out as well.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ich bin krank

Today I am sick. Regardless, I have heard some great things lately that I wanted to turn you onto.

First is 13 Ghosts, a band from Birmingham, Alabama with a penchant for lyrically dark songs that are thrust into your ears on the sturdy wings of cathartic instrumentation. RIYL: Blitzen Trapper, Neil Young, Bright Eyes, Band of Horses.
13 Ghosts--Various Songs--Myspace

"Whip Poor Will"


Next is Eden Express, a Memphis-based Tropicalia/Folk trio which just released their debut, que Amors Que, on Holy Mountain. This warm, slinky fare is perfect for a poolside tequila or an early morning beach romp. Or perhaps a sunrise stroll down a cobblestone street, your brain swimming backstroke while the salty breeze whispers against your face. Regardless, listen to these tracks and you'll feel better than you did before.

Eden Express--Various Songs--Myspace

Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Dead Confederate Demo, "Mob Scene"

God, I feel like this is a Dead Confederate blog. It's a good thing they have their own blog now. Here's a recent post featuring a new demo that bassist Brantley Senn wrote, titled "Mob Scene.


I wrote and recorded a new tune today at home. It's kind of ridiculous. I'm really not sure yet if it's good or rubbish. But it WAS a lot of fun making. I'm releasing my inner Beck.

Anyway, here it is, in all it's glory. Free. Exclusive. Mp3.

Download - Mob Scene.mp3 (192 kbs)

Mob Scene (Lyrics)
Hail hail, God's dead, I'm wet
Soaked in a Roman bath of gold and green
Back back, hard stares, envy
Gotta get clean I got my maker to meet
Down down, hard ground, mob scene
The Proles in the gallery are letting off steam
Back back, handshakes, crooked smiles
Had enough of hangin' round just so you can take what's mine

Did I mention that it's ridiculously short?

Sounds like Brantley has been listening to some TVOTR. Still an interesting track with some killer lyrics.

Dead Confederate myspace

Title Tickler?!?!?!?

My brother, Mac, has a new blog,, dedicated to the Georgia Bulldogs' march to the BCS Championship. Check it out. His coffee-fueled postings read like meth-ridden, avant-garde literature. The site is not only piss-your-pants hilarious for that reason, but also because he posts numerous pictures of mustaches--most of which are of his--being grown during this football season. The Dawgs are undefeated so far. My Tarheels are as well, perhaps due to the fact that I have a mustache of my own.

Here's hopin' that the Heels and the Dawgs can keep their streaks alive this weekend!

And here's a Band of Horses cover of "The End's Not Near" by The New Year. TNY has a self titled new record out. Pick it up, here.

"The End's Not Near"(by The New Year)--Band of Horses

Ben Bridwell is a self-proclaimed Bulldog fan. Makes brother Mac and I even bigger fans of the band.

Oh, almost forgot. you might recognize Parker Gispert, front man of the Whigs, in that picture with Mac. Well I got this little update from him last night.

Yoohoo FOLKS,

The Whigs will bring in the new year by joining forces with Band of Horses December 30th and 31st at Atlanta’s Variety Playhouse. These shows are already on-sale and are close to selling out so purchase your tickets today if you want to assure yourself a spot. Also, the Whigs will perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday October 29th so set your tape machines / DVR / Tivo, etc. Finally, the Whigs have new T-shirts for their fall tour. Check them out HERE. ROCK!!!!!!!!

So that looks pretty swell if you ask me. That's all for now. Take 'er easy.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday, Monday, Monday

First, I rediscovered on of my favorite artists/bands in the past week. That artist is Josh T. Pearson, a Pentecostal grizzly who used to sing and play in Lift to Experience. That Denton, Texas-based outfit influenced Explosions in the Sky. Check out a video of him singing "The Clash." I saw this song live last spring in Amsterdam.

Here is a video of LTE performing "These Are the Days," from The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads.

You should buy this album today. If you aren't convinced, listen to what my buddy Jon, a booking agent, said about the record in a note to our friend, Lowry, a Yale Law student.
"not christian rock. will blow your fucking mind. suicide and my bloody valentine
meet townes van zandt on 9/11. listen to the whole thing in one sitting."

I couldn't say it any better myself. Also, Jon fell asleep listening to the record the other and woke up with his headphone cords wrapped around his neck. So be careful, this thing has serious power.


OK people, the day is near. Tomorrow, Dead Confederate releases Wrecking Ball. Here is their new video for lead single, "The Rat," directed by stop-motion artist Pamela Littky. She has also directed videos for Tom Waits and the Raconteurs.

And a live video of "It Was A Rose," from the dingy depths of the Cave in Chapel Hill.


A little humor to lighten the mood on this muggy Monday.